An Elaborate Review on Zubaan: Mozez Singh Movie

Cast: Vicky Kaushal, Sarah Jane Dias, Manish Chaudhary

Director: Mozez Singh

Rating: 3/5

Synopnis: The movie can be well summed as a battle with one’s inner monsters, living the dreams and dealing with the saddened disappoinments.

Priyanka Chopra’s Jai Gangajal was said to be awaiting a tough competition with the release of Mozez Singh’s Zubaan. The film was about a journey – a journey toward self-realization by exploring your passions and dreams that you want to chase. The film is not a main stream commercial movie, rather it tries to portray some extraordinary eccentricism for the obvious reasons of dealing with a unconventional theme.

However, Zubaan deals with prolific themes but still it might not be an entertainment for everyone in the movie hall. It is a love-story, self-discovery, musical and a journey that constitute all of them rolled in one. So to take the taste of such unusual essence, not all might have the mind set. Therefore, there are comments or negative reviews too that interpret the very director of the movie as having a resemblence with the actor or the story itself, that is unassertive about the approach!


As per the news of revies of Zubaan in NDTV Movies, it is more like the whimsicality of an independent film. The protagonist’s salvation lies on music but he has other ideas to live and dreams to meet a businessman who has laid a prominent impression on his mind when he was a child. He dreams to be ‘lion-hearted’ seeking to live up to his name, Dilsher. His ambition is the reason that led him ashtray. However, the cinematography of the movie is well-filmed along with impressive production designing. Again on the other hand, Tushar Joshi, the editor of, while watching the movie was of the opinion: “Zubaan is not your run of the mill film.”

The project of Zubaan is not a typical one. Tushar also adds that every minute of the writing to the casting and the musicality are work of art and handled so well by the director. The stroryline deals with a human spirit, “a tale of courage and love”. We are introduced to the stunning actor Vicky Kushal as Dilsher in his schollldays when he used to be bullied by his mates due to his stammering problem. Then follows his dream to meet the bussiness tycoon he has in his heart. Dilsher’s life here is portrayed as a multilayered journey of self exploration.

“Also Sarah Jane Dias is perfect for the part as this Bohemian girl who meets Dilsher and is attracted to his story. Let’s watch what the second half has in store.” –Tushar to the

So, there are loads of mixed reactions that lead you to watch the movie and check these out yourself!

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