‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Featuring Gal Gadot Unveiled at Comic-Con

Arguably, the most recognizable female superhero in comic books, Wonder Women is finally getting a solo adventure. At the San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. unveiled the first trailer of the Wonder Woman movie featuring Gal Gadot, as Diana Prince a.k.a Wonder Woman. Earlier we covered a rumor that this Wonder Woman will be of a different kind; seems like it’s true!


Judging by the trailer reactions on Youtube there’s not a single straw of doubt that the trailer has everything a geek fan wants to see. At the Comic-Con panel director Patty Jenkins took the stage to talk about how important Wonder Woman is as a character and as a superhero.

By the looks of it, the story follows Princess Diana of Themyscira as she joins the fight for global peace during World War I. We get a glimpse of Themyscira, the island where Wonder Woman and Amazons live. Also, Etta Candy, a vital character to Wonder Woman’s origin story and her best friend, makes an appearance at the end. In the trailer we see Wonder Woman using the Lasso of Truth, a pair of indestructible bracelets, a sword and her iconic shield.

The movie looks more colorful than Batman vs Superman, where the Wonder Woman made an appearance and was a treat to watch. The film is likely to have modern themes of feminism since her depiction in the comic as an international diplomatic heroine fighting for justice, peace, love, and gender equality has led to Wonder Woman to be considered a feminist icon.

Gadot is joined by Chris Pine, who plays Steve Trevor, Diana’s lover in the film. It also stars Connie Nielsen, and Robin Wright. Wonder Woman hits the theaters on June 2, 2017.

Watch Wonder Woman trailer here:

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