Its Wedding Bells for Lisa Haydon and Dino Lalwani

Recently, Lisa Haydon posted an adorable picture of her and Dino Lalwani locking lips at an airport, having no care of the world around them. This Instagram post was a clear indication of the couples plan to tie the knot after dating for over a year finally. Even though she is yet to announce the day when they both plan to say their marriage vows, we can understand from the couple’s cosy pictures on social media, that they are all set to take their relationship to the next level. The UK-based businessman Dino Lalwani pampers his lady love and in no way shies away from a bit of public display of affection.

lisa-haydon-dino-lavaniLisa Haydon, who rose to fame with her prominent role as a supporting actress in the movie ‘Queen’ starring Kangana Ranaut known for her badass attitude and the way she carries herself in an impeccable style. The couple is known to have set their eyes upon each other at a fundraising charity gala for Syrian children in October last year. Since then they have been inseparable and expecting such good news about their marriage, is something that her fans would be really happy about. Initially, they were a bit clandestine about their love affair, but with Lisa Haydon’s recent announcement, we do get a clear idea about the couples seriousness in regards to the relationship.

Apart from the pictures uploaded on Instagram, we are excited about this pair’s decision of getting married and taking the next step to their relationship. The Housefull 3 actress, has made it clear to us that she is not only a fitness freak but also a lady who does not care about anything in the world when it comes to showing her love to her ‘Boo’. We do look forward to the wedding and wish the couple a happy and prosperous life apart from the standard wish of living together ‘Happily Ever After’.

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