Vir Das’s new song encourages Indian men to dance like nobody’s watching

Trust Vir Das to do things differently. The widely acclaimed Indian comedian has always been famous for his no holds barred approach to anything he considers worth drawing attention to and this time he has settled his sights on a rather important issue- how to dance badly and proudly like a desi guy.


Indeed, the actor-comedian’s new song, Nacho like an Indian Man, celebrates that one thing that most men afraid to move their stuff are embarrassed of- and Das in his signature parodic method tells them to own it on the dance floor. “Terrible Dancers of India Unite. Your Time Has Come”, begins the video, and you are immediately greeted by an array of familiar sights of men in some of their staple Indian outfits, along with some not so familiar ones (read:bodysuits). While the song’s lyrics are hilarious (Das says men should shake their booty “like a Maruti Van”-hey, we never said it all makes perfect sense, but that’s the point!), the accompanying video raised a range of reactions in us- from laughter to shock, and finally a sense of empathy with the predicament of those who’re afraid of a simple thing like dancing, regardless of their gender.

To get his point across, Das has incorporated the work of one of the most talented artists renowned for her singing and dancing skills in a way only he can. What we’re talking about here is the parody he makes of Beyonce’s hit single All the Single Ladies, but in this video, the gentlemen dancing can only do some weird slithery moves and serious pelvic thrusts. Frankly, about three-quarters of the video is about pelvic thrusts, and while they’re likely to make you cringe, isn’t that what most Indian men understand by “dancing”, being shown the way by early ’90s Bollywood actors?

What is most notable about the video is that absolutely none of the un-chiselled Indian men featured is afraid to dance: they moonwalk, they do the disco, they even perform an ample amount of breakdancing. And while they are far from being perfect, the open call for partying like nobody’s watching is something that most (including us girls) will perhaps find irresistible. So even though Das limits his attention to the Indian male’s poor dancing skills, maybe some women will also be able to relate. Watch the video here and let us know what you think.


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