Vikram’s Daughter Engages With With M Karunanidhi’s Grand Son

Tamil Film Industry superstar Vikram’s 24-year-old daughter Akshitha got engaged with long- time boyfriend Manu Ranjith, who happens to be ex-CM of Tamil Nadu M Karunanidhi’s grandson on Sunday in Chennai. The son of entrepreneur Ranganathan of Cavin Kare Ltd. got married in a hush-hush affair with attendance of very close professional and family members. The ceremony appeared to be reticent and private.


Numerous who’s who attended the ring exchange ceremony which included closely related actors, directors, politicians, businesspeople, and nonetheless family members. One of the noted filmmakers, S Shankar, attended the ceremony who happens to direct blockbuster movies like “Anniyan” and “I”.

Vikram’s daughter Akshitha took to Twitter to share her engagement pictures. The happy couple spent long-time together before deciding to call it off officially. Tamil superstar Vikram seemed quite excited seeing his princess getting engaged. He welcomed each and all very warm-heartedly conversing with all the guests.

vikram and akshitha

Apart from would-be bride and groom, the sole attraction diverted towards ex-CM M Karunanidhi. He seemed euphoric and played with little ones in a childish manner. The ceremony continued to 1 hour further making an announcement of marriage ceremony date on next year, though month not specified.

The National Award Winning star is currently busy with the upcoming movie “Iru Mugan” which is slated to release by the end of 2016. The Tamil superstar shared many pics through micro-blogging site.

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