Top 10 Celebrity Break ups of 2016

Life is magical when you fall in love. It is the most tender and awesome feeling of life. The moment you fall in love the universe dances with you. And when you go through break up the world of the love birds get upside down. Now think about those celebrities who have gone through it! The breakup becomes more difficult for them as there are too much of media speculations. It is uncanny his year the number of break up is very high. From Bollywood to Hollywood the number of break-ups and divorces are quite high. We have talked about some of them here; let us check them out!

Sohail Khan and his wife Seema Khan parting ways after 18 years!


The news of Sohail Khan is cheating his wife Seema for Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi, and they are dating for some time. The news was shocking as this couple is married for almost 18 years as they got married in 1998. They have two kids together Nirvan and Yohan.

Raghu Ram and Sugandha Garg- the coolest couple are not together anymore!


Roadies fame Raghu Ram divorced wife Sugandha Garg after 10 years of marriage. Sugandha started her career as a VJ on MTV and was also seen in films like ‘Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na’, ‘My Name Is Khan’ and ‘Tere Bin Laden’. Raghu Ram is very famous among youngsters as the host of his show ‘Roadies’. He is well known for his swag and rude yet stylish attitude in the show and his tough behaviour with the contestants. They say to the media that as they started as friends that turned into love and eventually marriage but it is getting difficult for them to continue and they don’t want to harm the good term, and it is better to quit.

Om Puri and Nandita- even a 26 years of marriage can shake!


Om Puri is one of those people who is very vocal about relationships and was criticising about the new generations who take the thing too lightly. He loudly expressed his view saying in their time’s words like ‘break up’ and ‘divorce’ were just inconspicuous. But as they say ‘karma always has different plans for you.’ Veteran actor Om Puri and his wife Nandita part their ways after 26 years of marriage. The couple had gone through a rough phase, and it was not smooth. The wife accused Om Puri of physically abusing her.  She had pressed charges against Om, for domestic violence. Nandita had written a book “Unlikely Hero: The Story of Om Puri,“ where she expressed no respect or courtesy for Om Puri and preferred exposing his past relationships and making their differences public.

Sometimes age and maturity are not the keys to a happy marriage.

Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Bhabani- a couple who will never Rock on again!


Bollywood couple Farhan and Adhuna Akhtar have ended their 15-year-long marriage.  Cracks had begun to appear in the long-standing marriage between Farhan Akhtar and wife Adhuna for quite some time. Aditi Rao Hydari is the name that is coming to the media who was the last nail of their already troubled marriage. Farhan has a reputation of going for public appearances and parties only with his wife but recently he was being seen alone and with Aditi once in a party organised by Karan Johar. So there is no doubt the love bird has parted their ways.

Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor- love is not that blind, at least when it comes to success!


Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor was one of the most talked about a couple of the industry. They were hitched after their first movie together ‘Aashiqui 2’. The intense love story helped in their growing interest for each other. With time, this couple too, finds their different ways. According to the insiders, the real reason behind their break up was the success of Shraddha after giving back to back hits like ‘Ek Villain’, ‘Haider’ and then ‘ABCD 2’. Where Aditya lagged behind with flop ‘Daawat-E-Ishq’ and subordinate role in ‘Ye Jawani Hai Dewani’. Their relation took an ugly turn, and their fallout became public. Then this wise couple decided to call it quits.

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor, the most high profile Bollywood relation is at a stake


One of the most-talked-about couples of Bollywood; their love story was nothing less than the twist and turns of a roller-coaster ride. Everybody knew that Katrina was introduced in Bollywood through Salman Khan, and it was thought that they had something special between them, where Ranbir Kapoor was in a serious relation with Deepika. But then with ‘Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani’ their love story takes a turn when Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor fell for each other. The couple was so intimated that they started living together. Deepika went through a terrible heartbreak and even suffered from depression. But this year when the whole world was thinking of this couple will tie the knot together this couple calls it off, and both went their individual ways. According to the recent news, Ranbir is trying to get back together where Katrina is in no mood. ‘Jagga Jasoos’ is going to be their last movie together.

Now if Bollywood is having so many divorces and break ups can Hollywood stay behind! So take a look at the famous couples who took the bitter ways to say goodbyes to their loved ones.

Henry Cavill and Tara King. Tara, he is just a man (in real life)!


The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice actor 33 years old Henry Cavill, and fellow Brit King, (19), made their red carpet debut at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in February. Though the two of them are still friends and he even invited her to his recent birthday party. Sources said “She was in too deep, and he didn’t want anything too serious. He has a lot going on right now,” and it is too difficult for her as she was too much in love with Henry.

Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund. Why you both even want a breakup!


Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund ‘break up after more than four years together. They met on the set of the 2012 movie On ‘The Road’. The couple was going strong and was even spotted 2016 Golden Globes and FOX’s award show party earlier this year. Kirsten even showed her eagerness to become a mother and said: “Thirty-three is a good age to have your first baby.” She even confessed both of them have the same age and background and thus the same choice of life, and they are ‘old-fashioned’. No one knows the real reason for their sudden breakup. It seems they are really mature one and know how to keep things secret.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Jonny, aggression can cost you more than $50,000 spousal support!


Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, the fairy tale couple, call off their 15 months wedding as Amber filed a case of domestic violence against the Hollywood megastar Johnny Depp. The incident took place just after two days of Depp’s, mother’s death. She had a red mark on her right cheek as she told the media it was due to, throwing his iphone to her face. The 52 years old actor has remained silent on this entire matter. There was news of Depp’s $50,000 spousal support for eight months is turned down by soon-to-be-ex Amber. Last year this couple had a romantic wedding on his private island, but life says a different story. This couple is now going through a rough legal battle.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. What goes around comes around I guess!


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were the dream couple of Hollywood and fans went gaga over their love story. This couple were going strong till now and had split after less than 2 years of marriage. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie did Mr. & Mrs Smith in 2004 when their alleged relation started. Though Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston then. The relationship got highly controversial at when Jennifer Aniston filed a divorce case. Pitt’s relationship with ‘Five Seconds of Silence’ co-star Marion Cotillard (40) is the ultimate blow of this relation. According to some, it is nothing but Angelina’s jealous nature that instigated their sour relation.

No doubt 2016 is not a good year for the lovebirds, especially for the celebrities. From Bollywood to Hollywood everywhere the situation is same. When it is helping the gossip mongers something to talk about, the most beautiful emotions of all is getting hampered in a severe way.

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