Swara to get her memory back and reunite with Sanskaar in ‘Swaragini’

“Swaragini” fans, brace yourselves as your favourite Swara (Helly Shah) who had lost her memory will soon go to regain it. And if you think this is it, the story is not over yet. Swara will also reunite with the love of her life Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor).


According to a report, the upcoming episodes of the popular family drama show on Colors TV, Swaragini will unfold some new drama. In the coming episodes, the viewers can witness the lead male role of this show Sanskaar will decide to shed his image as Rockstar Kisan and reveal his identity to Swara. Moreover, Sahil (Anuj Sachdev) another important character of this show, will confess her feelings to Swara which will leave the protagonist in a dilemma.

On the other hand, Sanskaar will keep continuing his vigorous attempt to convince his wife to return to him again. Sahil, who has turned into a mad lover of Swara will get furious seeing Sanskaar’s numerous attempt to get back his love Swara back in his life, and eventually will point a gun at him. This particular incident will spark Swara’s memory and will help her to recall Rajat’s (Mohit Abrol) incident when he held her captive, and Sanskaar pointed a gun at Rajat to save Swara.

After getting her memories back, the protagonist of the show, Swara will understand what mistake she was going to do and will eventually reunite with Sanskaar. However, Sahil will not stop seeking the attention of Swara and will leave no stone unturned to separate this candid couple. But as Swara gets her memory back, she will shortly realise whom she loves. Now it is interesting to see how Swara and Sanskaar be able to save themselves from the wrath of Sahil and how their relationship moves with time. So keep watching Swaragini get the answer to these questions.

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