Steven Spielberg’s new movie “The BFG” Trailer Released

Three times Oscar winner and the director of numerous Hollywood classics, Steven Spielberg’s love, affection and affinity towards fantasy extravaganza continues as the director’s latest fantasy adventure, The BFG is all set to hit the silver screens in July. After releasing the first exclusive trailer of the BFG a month ago, Walt Disney Studios, the makers of the film has released “The BFG” new official trailer yesterday.

The BFG New Trailer

Watch the New Official Trailer of The BFG 2016

The BFG is an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s children book of the same name published in 1982. The storyline of the movie revolves around a London orphan girl, Sophie and a Big Friendly Giant. Sophie, a character played by Ruby Barnhill, loves to read and often gets lost in her imagination. In the newly launched The BFG second trailer we see Sophie is being plucked from her orphanage by a giant hand and whisked away to the Giant Country. When Sophie’s being plunked into a frying pan, she gets tensed but soon realised that she had been kidnapped by a friendly, vegetarian and skyscraper-tall giant who is a kind-hearted soul. The character of the BFG is portrayed by Mark Rylance.

After spending few days, Sophie and the BFG become friend to each other. Sophie learns about BFG’s solitary life and also gets to know that he is the smallest Giant of the Giant Country. BFG often gets bullied by the other big Giants, Bloodbottler and  Fleshlumpeater, who eat “human beans” for their food and BFG saved Sophie from their hands numerous times.

The new trailer of BFG also reveals that the “Friendly Giant” also has a mammoth task on his hand. The vegetarian giant captures dreams and seals them in glass jars, where they glow in translucent, jellybean colours and uses a massive trumpet to blow the dreams into the minds of humans as they sleep. Sophie accompanies the BFG on his dream-catching endeavour where she notices the other giants’ mistreat him. Sophie hatches a plan to stop the big Giants from harassing the BFG, and also tries to put an end to their diet of human protein with the help of the Queen, a role donned by Penelope Wilton.

Malissa Mathison who died last year and is famous for the screenplay of the ET has also written the screenplay of The BFG. The movie is being produced by Amblin Entertainment, a company owned by Spielberg himself with the association of Walt Disney Pictures and Reliance Entertainment. The BFG is all set to release in 1st July in the UK, USA and Canada. Now it is interesting to see whether The BFG gets the same amount of success like Spielberg’s other fantasy and mystical movies such as Jurassic Park, ET and AI or not.

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