Splitsvilla 9 Trailer with Sizzling Sunny Leone, Scarlett Rose and Rannvijay

Splitsvilla 9 Trailer: The long awaited trailer of the love and relationship based reality show MTV Splitsavilla is finally revealed. It’s hot and sexy. The video stars the sexy Scarlett Rose, the winner of Splitsvilla 7 and Rannvijay. The other and the most important name that must be mentioned is the one and only hot and sexy Sunny Leone.

Splitsvilla 9 Trailer

Splitsvilla 9 Trailer

The MTV Splitsvilla 9 trailer beforehand has already intrigued the fans and all are already excited about it. Beware when you watch the trailer because the video is too much Sunny Sunny and hot. Your device screen might catch fire and if you are watching it on your phone, your hands might also get heated up with the hotness.

Watch MTV Splitsvilla Season 9 Official Trailer Here

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPw0cXg2bl8) it was here but currently unavailable.

Talking of the show, drama, action, comedy, and much more are essential parts of the game. The trailer clearly states the mystery the Splitsvilla Season 9 is going to unfold. This reality show is actually an inspired one from the series of Game of Thrones and both physical and mind games are played to become the ultimate king and queen of the villa. So the trailer shows Rannvijay as a warrior who has achieved victory and leads his queen to the throne.

As we all know that shows like these unfold a lot of mystery, the trailer will clarify this. In the Splitsvilla 9 trailer, Rannvijay does not only lead his lady Sunny Leone to the throne, but also leads Scarlett Rose to the same. That is where the trailer ends with the tagline Where Women Rule.

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