Sonam Kapoor Joins Hands With UNICEF, Reliance Group For Educational Program

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day on 5th September 2016 Bollywood actress, Sonam Kapoor joined hands with UNICEF, Reliance Group, Gems Education, and the Global Goal Campaigns for an educational program. The noble step was taken so as to launch “World’s Largest Lesson” program in India thus provide appropriate education to children; especially those who belong to an unattended section.


Sonam Kapoor seemed over-whelmed during the launch as she opinionated regarding education in India and its importance in day to day life. She believes that a proper education can bring big changes in a person’s or child’s life which automatically helps in growth of the society. A good quality imbibed in children with the help of education leads to a better and healthy lifestyle as well as empowered society.

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The respective campaign, ‘The World’s Largest Lesson India’ is a unique initiative to teach or educate about 360 million children of India in a proper way thus letting them learn lessons for appropriate development. The following have adhered by “United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development” in the world. The campaign already got started in September 2015, i.e. a year back in and around 160 countries, till date. Other nations showed a keen interest in child education and this time Sonam Kapoor became an ambassador for the campaign thus representing India, for a better place to live.

The following education pattern includes an entire syllabus such as lesson plans, comic books, moral stories, an animated film and much more. The film got introduced by Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai, Wimbledon Champion Serena Williams and International Football Star Neymar Jr. The film has been introduced by the three celebrities in India itself. Previously, the animated film was seen by almost 3 million children on the Global Goals campaigning day.

Sonam Kapoor, who herself is attending University to finish her graduation at the age of 30, feels that there is no time boundation or no certain age to educate yourself. Seeking education is the righteous form of seeking to bless from God and whatever your age may be, completing your academics is never ever a taboo considered in any country.

The campaign held in India witnessed an ocean of who’s who from various sectors such as 250 eminent educationalists, UN Global Goals champions, United Nation bodies, members of Civil Society, Students, Teachers, Youth Groups, and nevertheless Sonam Kapoor; now the face of ‘The World’s Largest Lesson India’. The entire public was gathered in the event held in GEMS Academy, Mumbai.

Sonam Kapoor has been involved in other societal upbringing campaigns like fighting against malnutrition, Women of Worth, GJEPC campaign, Phobia campaign over social media platforms, and so on.

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