Shehnaz Treasury Cheers Up in Turkey With Her Awesome Pics

Actor-VJ-Traveller-Blogger more is to add in her skills, the unstoppable sensation recently visited Turkey, Istanbul with her somw awesome and stunning pics sharing in Instagram. The lady has a fetish for travel and it can easily be seen through her twinkling eyes. Shehnaz took her photographer, Ufzuk along thus giving her fans the best flavor of Istanbul, rest assured better than movies shot in the beautiful Turkey. Her latest travelling pics will leave you amazed and start craving for booking tickets so as to leave the place at that very moment. We give you one of the best pics from her Instagram account. Do take a look at Shehnaz leisure. Well, if you feel envied then that would be utterly normal.

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Killing the Hot Summers Chilling Out with new-found buddy and soothers….Ummmm….Its time to quench your thirst..isn’t it?


This ain’t no Bollywood sequence.. Poise comes put naturally when you take the turkish breeze within….Ahhh..rejuvenated..

13398765_493867987473451_1296690557_n Feelin’ Hungry? Want Turkish Delight in platter..Well, nobody’s as lucky as Shehnaz..


Blue Roses are rare to explore..Shehnaz looks ravishing, merry-go-lucky gal holding tea cups in “open cage”….


Fetching fishes…Turkey’s staple food isn’t fish and rice….Though a good activity to pass time…


Photoshoot with Shehnaz in Turkey ..A bright sunny day..perfect for snaps..


Istanbul 2016….Diary of a traveller…..Don’t mistake this with apparel ad….Flowing with the wind is one of the best run-out ways..


Best way to cure Jet Lag….a Sauna….Feeling refreshed while she closes the Istanbul diary…..

Shehnaz shared some of her most memorable pics from Turkey which would leave you only to book tickets and fly as loner. Travelling the world can give you the best way to relish your life and stay with it forever. Paying gratitude to Shehnaz is the only way our team could do. We would definitely share next destination’s pics. Till then stay clicked to our website.

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