Sense8 Season 2 To Bring In More Intriguing Elements Than Its Previous Release

One of the most appreciated and highly speculated science fiction drama web television series Sense8 is coming back with a bang with its Season 2 with the same star cast rendering in as before. Revolving over a super plot, Sense8 Season 2 is all set to bring more intriguing elements to the new web series than its previous season. Apart from having a complete renewal, Sense8 will have a Christmas special 2-hour episode which will showcase a gist of the entire season 2.


The following season 2 of Sense8 will revolve around the life journey of the 8 sensates as they continue to find deeper connections as well as darker and more desperate secrets of each other revealed during the season. Apparently, not as colourful, festive and fun-filled as Christmas, Sense8 will showcase the group struggle to survive as they keep understanding and learning about each other. The team will hand-in-hand try best to save Sun, one of their mates, apart from Riley wherein Kala and Wolfgang separate as she earlier hinted that it won’t last long; regarding the relationship.

Soon after Kala and Wolfgang break up, there are speculations gearing up as that Wolfgang may still carry the same strong feeling for Kala, whereas Rajan coming in the picture will certainly take it as a triangular love interest. Furthermore, Rajan and Wolfgang’s own love story would continue in the realm as the storyline continues to develop with time. So, with love, friendship, companionship, etc. Sense8 would come up with new intriguing elements, undoubtedly.

Thus, Sense8 Season 2 mainly airing from May 5, 2017, the Christmas Special 2-hour long episode will air on December 23, 2016, in Netflix Originals.



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