Sairat Total Lifetime Box Office Collection till Date (Updated)

Sairat Box Office Collection: Sairat has managed to open a new door for the Maratha film industry, as it has been continuously ruling the Indian box office by riding on a victory march since its release on 29th April 2016. Sairat Box Office Collection has already proved that if you have a strong and meaningful story to tell, then the Indian audiences will pay a visit to the theatres to watch your movie for sure. Sairat Collection now stands at 86.66 Crores after its 35 days run in the Indian Box Office, which is simply awesome considering its budget and audience reach.

Sairat Collection

Sairat Box Office Collection

Sairat is a Marathi movie directed by Nagraj Manjulea, and it tells an emotional real love story between two teenagers. The plot of the movie surrounds around the backlog of caste differences mainly, and its emotional drama has been framed perfectly to win the millions of hearts in India. By looking at the Sairat total box office collection, we can simply conclude that it is the highest grosser Marathi movie till date.

Sairat Box Office Collection in India

Sairat has now entered in its sixth week at the domestic box office, and already collected as much as 86.66 Crores till date. Sairat total collection is not only exciting to see but also raising a question i.e. do we really need to watch movies while going into the theatres having a high dose of melodrama in it. Today we will let you know all the week by week breakups of the Sairat Box Office collection report. Here it goes:

Week by Week Sairat Box Office Collection Round Up

Sairat collected 25.5 Crores INR in its first week run at the domestic box office. Following it held its ground strong and thus garnered as much as 24.66 Crores in its second week. It simply means that Sairat was already a 50 Crores plus grosser while entering in the third week. This Marathi movie made history when it recorded a collection of 16 Crores in its third week. The movie has entered 6th week with so many expectations and hype over it. Currently, Sairat is running on 525+ screens in all over India.

WeekCollectionTotal Collection
First Week25.5 Crores25.5 Crores
Second Week24.66 Crores50.16 Crores
Third Week16 Crores66.16 Crores
Fourth Week 15 Crores81.66 Crores
Fifth Week5 Crores86.66 Crores
Sixth WeekTo be AddedTo be Added

Updated as of 3rd June 2016

Sairat collected 15 Crores in its 4th week and close to 5 Crores in its fifth week, and thus it now stands at 86.66 Crores after five weeks run at box office. We may conclude that Sairat is now heading towards 100 crores mark as its total lifetime collection. By looking into the Sairat total collection, we can easily predict that we must have a firm watch on the upcoming Marathi movies of 2016. If you are happy with our article on Sairat box office collection, then feel free to share your views in the comments section below.

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