Raees Not to be Released with Salman’s Sultan on Eid

For the fans of Shah Rukh Khan, there is disappointing news. The fans who were expecting the long awaited and upcoming movie of Shah Rukh Khan to release on the same date with Salman Khan’s Sultan, they are going to go sadly with the news that Raees and Sultan are not releasing on the same date. One more sad news is that the release date of the movie has been postponed. So guys! If you were waiting to witness the box office clash of the two emperors of the Bollywood Industry, you are going to be sad. No clash, no competition is the latest news about both the films.

After the release of the last film of Shah Rukh Khan which is Fan, people’s expectation about the star grew more. The teaser of Raees by now already has 14,330,654 hits since its release on July 2015. The highly professional acting skills of King Khan has been proved many times through films like My Name Is Khan, Swades and of course his latest hit Fan. He is somebody who has probably successfully proved that why is he called by the name King Khan.

According to the film critics, the latest films of both Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are getting high attention due to the offbeat storylines and the newer kind of characters being played by the actors. According to the latest trend of Bollywood films, the less commercial films are getting more attention than the typically commercial ones, whoever be the star cast. Now a days, an audience is getting the taste of more intellectual films than the mainstream commercial ones and quite obviously they like that taste more. So the offbeat films like Sultan, Raees and Fan are highly awaited and liked so much.


Now coming to the main matter of concern on the part of the SRK fans, the release date of the highly anticipated film Raees had to be moved to 26th of January 2017. From the team of Raees, Shah Rukh Khan, Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani, said that they know that this decision is much saddening on the part of the fans, but even on the part of the production, this was not a decision that was very easy to make, because the people already had high expectations. The next year being packed up with the release of many films out of which most are non-commercials. So due to some unavoidable and official reasons the production house had to take this difficult decision.

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