Raaz Reboot trailer released: Bhatt cliche continues

Vikram Bhatt returns with another biggie this year with his fourth film of the Raaz franchise. And yet again he is overly dependent on over-obsessed ex lover, Emraan Hashmi to save the day. Quite predictable right?

Raaz 4

‘Raaz Reboot’- which is the new directorial venture of Bhatt, returns to the his cliched genre of a damsel who is utterly distressed by a spirit. Or whatever it was in the trailer.

The story revolves around actors Gaurav Arora (Rihaan) and Kriti Kharbanda (Shaina) as a couple living in Romania, who have recently moved into a big house. A house big enough to probably host the whole neighbourhood but as expected, they are the only living residents. No big surprise when the poor wife starts seeing something in the house which obviously her partner does not and thus follows a number of generically acquired scenes from various Hollywood movies including blockbusters like ‘The Conjuring’ (Credits: the scene where her blanket is pulled off)  among others. Long story short, as the girl is victimised as a mental patient by her husband/partner, along comes Emraan Hashmi to the rescue. The 37 year old actor can never get enough of his co-stars lips as he is bent on kissing anyone he sees and this has kind of become his signature entry for atleast his trailers.

Besides the shooting location and the photography, nothing about the upcoming Bhatt venture seems unique. A jobless ex-lover being his speciality, Emraan looks about the same as he did in his previous Raaz ventures. Arid and expressionless desperate to bed the victim.

The trailer offers sudden glimpses of a dark, hooded figure who or which continues to haunt Shaina( The damsel) while Rihaan( Her ignorant husband) refuses to believe her. Shaina finds confidence in Emraan’s character, who promises to “Help” her.

Well we all know how well that works out, don’t we?

Check Out Raazz Reboot Trailer

‘Raaz Reboot’ is set to be an actual reboot for the genre of Bollywood genre and for the infamous Bhatt family. It sets back to the same story, the same unnecessary erotic consequences and to top it all the same monotonous story-line which is a major contribution to any lack of success whatsoever the movies in the franchise have got.
To give a very honest opinion, the trailer scores way below zero on the spook-scale, and the much talked about last scene is enough to crack up a 5 year old trapped inside a dark room into laughter. For a man quite unwilling to learn from his mistakes, no more can be expected from 47 year-old Vikram Bhatt as he seems quite stubborn in his attempt to put up his prototype scare fest not even realising that his ventures are no more than a joke to an audience who are, by now, quite seasoned by the Conjuring and Insidious franchises.

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