The Prolong Wait is Ended with The Release of The FAN Trailer

A new movie is ahead for the SRK fans that deals with a very unusual story of a fan of Aryan Khanna (a superstar) featuring SRK and a crazy fan of his whose admire later on turns into obsession. This is a story that deals with a different psychology that does not match with any conventional frame. Shah Rukh Khan shares a screen with himself where he also enacts the 24 years fan’s role quite aptly. No doubt the makeup was simply awesome manoeuvring him to fetch a distinguished appearance of the two personalities.

Fan (2016) Trailer

SRK has again created his grounds to prove himself the superstar of the decade by choosing such an unconventional script and working quite hard on it. The long wait for the glimpse of his upcoming project has come to an end with the recent release of the trailer of FAN. The trailer is a very gripping one that helps you tighten the seat belts and await the real thingie releasing on April 15, 2016.

It perhaps has become a must watch movie, especially after watching the trailer is due to the certain eccentric aspects that make the film more accomplishing. We will also get to see SRK in the to-some-extent negative role after DON, RA-ONE and OM SHANTI OM in the recent time where he also enacted double roles. DUPLICATE was also a movie that featured the star with two roles.

FAN (2016) Official Trailer


FAN is no less a thriller movie where we will get the chances of watching clips from SRK’s DARR! SRK who is known for his hard work and sleeps only 4 hours a day, will keep you enticed in his upcoming movie and therefore SRK fans, ‘tis time you tighten up your belts and await the release of the stunning superstar in the next month!

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