Pratyusha’s Mother Asks Crime Branch To Intervene

The suicide of small screen star Pratyusha Banerjee shook the nation from within and had not healed properly when a twist in the tale comes by side. The actress’s alleged boyfriend is in the center of the story where he has been accused of “murdering” her rather than a suicide. On the other hand, Rahul Raj Singh, Pratyusha’s boyfriend have been trying hard to back himself.

Now, the not-so-happy tale has turned into each other’s grudge. Putting a step forward, Pratyusha’s Mother has written a letter to Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis to take a look into the matter. Also, she asked Crime Branch of India to intervene via the charter to CM. Mother of the actress confronted the media and said that she feels devastated as there is no lead in the case.


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On the other hand, Police is doing their best solve the case. Although, they have cleared it earlier that it is a simple case of suicide, Pratyuysha’s family, and friends are not ready to take it quickly. Recently, Rahul was questioned for more than 2 hours with back to back 150 series of questions in Bangur Nagar Police Station. The interrogative session took place in the P.S. itself.

As of now nothing has come to light and seems reasonable suicide case. Also, Rahul Singh returned to the hospital where he is being treated for many physical ailments, as per reports. Stating the whole matter, and unhappy with the way of interrogation, Balika Vadhu’s actress Mother requested CM of Maharashtra to announce on the intervention of Crime Branch.

Thus, the whole story of Pratyusha’s suicide is getting uglier day by day. Both the sides are not ready to accept and hold on to any matter. The media seem to talk about it frequently as well as the relatives and friends of the actress to sub line the case.

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