Did Pratyusha Banerjee commit suicide due to Love Life or Professional Life?

Another heart ranching news of a ‘budding soul’ ending in a tragic way! Pratyusha Banerjee, a well-known household name, the ‘Balika Vadhu’ of Indian television, ended her life with a desire of being ‘vadhu’. The cute ‘bong’ from Jamshedpur started her career with the famous telescope Balika Vadhu, played the role of the teenage Anandi. From then there was no looking back.


The happy go lucky was found hanging in her Mumbai’s flat and immediately taken to Kokilaben Ambani Hospital only to be declared dead! Now rises the question what can actually instigate such a dreadful step in an innocent mind. Is it work pressure, depression or some other personal issues?

According to the sources, her personal life was not that smooth as her career. She was going through some issues with her current boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh, where she wanted to get married and settle down, he did not have any such plans. She was depressed and vulnerable. As per her last few Instagram pictures and her Whatsapp status clearly states that she was too fragile, mentally. While some of her friends and colleagues have admitted the fact that she was unhappy with her personal life, Izaz Khan her co-participant of Bigg Boss 7 and few others have said she was a very strong woman and cannot take such step. Pratyusha’s Bigg Boss participants and even host Salman Khan is shocked by the news.

Some friends of her are smelling murder, as Rahul used to assault her. She had lodged a complaint against her boyfriend quite a few times and even charged four police officers with invading her apartment and molesting her. Rahul’s disappearance from the hospital seeing her friends and close ones coming to the hospital is too suspicious.

 Her career downfall is another theory that is coming to the news. She had not taken any projects in last few months, and her financial condition was a bit downwards. Her fame and stardom made her work suffer, and that affected her career.

For some other believers, it is depression that took her life. Whatever the reason is, she is and will always be in our memory.

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