Pitch Perfect 3: Vanessa Hudgens & Lea Michele To Appear in the Upcoming

One of the highly anticipated Hollywood film Pitch Perfect 3 is already becoming a part of endless rumours as the release date draws near. Well, speculations are that two Hollywood ladies Vanessa Hudgens and Lea Michele are going to team up with the Pitch Perfect 3 girls.


We earlier notified that most likely the lead star Anna Kendrick would quit sooner or later but thank god it was all rumours. Also, it had been clarified in the past that the upcoming film could possess the same star cast but due to date issues Anna might discontinue. Now the news is there is nothing of that sort, and everything is in its perfect place as the same cast is ready to roll on stage with Pitch Perfect 3.

We also hear that there has been an addition to the star cast as female actors like Vanessa and Lea will be joining the band with Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus would appear in special cameo roles. The upcoming film will have two more sensational additions where the two will bring more excitement to the film and take a notch higher with such extravagant all-female star cast.

The High-School Musical star has a hand on experience in song and dance films along with Michele having much experience in the similar genre. But for the cameo of Justina and Miley, it certainly seems all hoax. Yet to be confirmed, the makers did not revert regarding the report. Rather they nodded over the fact of the addition of Vanessa and Lea.

Well, we are extremely excited for Pitch Perfect 3 and with an addition of cast in the Barden Bellas band, it is definitely going to be something worth watching. Pitch Perfect 3 will hit the screen worldwide on December 22, 2017.

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