What is the Mystry Behind Aamir Khan’s New Look?

A couple of weeks back Aamir has been seen in an innovative look. He was surfaced with some different looking pictures. Shared by one of his fan clubs, these pictures immediately got viral. The perfectionist actor is seen sporting a  handlebar moustache and a beard of balbo style. However, the maximum catching attention in his pictures are the giant clips that are placed on his forehead which is usually seen in the Mad Max series. And soon, the media houses started speculating that this new trend is for his new movie ‘Secret Superstar‘. But the truth is somewhere far away from that.


A part of Dubai Parks and Resorts, Bollywood Park Dubai is the biggest integrated destination for theme parks which is set to open this year. And as announced its collaboration today, Aamir is going to create a Lagaan ride in the Bollywood theme park and hence it is not a new look for his upcoming movie. Creating an interest is an art when it comes to the Lagaan actor. He seeks for innovation to stand more than his audiences’ expectations. Indeed, this is the key reason why he can plant curiosity in his audiences’ mind. And here again, we can see his innovations. But the question is why only Laagan ride, why not anything else?

Well, Lagaan has got some intangible qualities which got connected with people, and that is the reason why Lagaan is loved by all the Indians worldwide. Ranked No. 55 in the Empire magazine, it was a perfect choice. Coming to the theme of Laagan, it revolves around a small village where the inhabitants were burdened with high taxes. And soon an arrogant officer throws them an extraordinary challenge for playing a game of cricket which is a wager for levying more taxes. However, the ride has some twist. Aamir is playing two different roles in the ride. One is the original Bhuvan from Lagaan, and the other is surprisingly his great-great-grandson who looks very different. To look more futuristic, Aamir has gone for a steam-punk look. To state his words, “The ride is about giving people an exciting time”, to create nostalgia for the people who already watched the movie.


Probably Aamir gets attached to all his characters, and as a memorabilia, he creates some of the accessories of his characters. The distinct pieced used for the character of Bhuvan has also been used for the Lagaan: Thrill of Victory ride. The team of Bollywood Parks was thrilled as superstar Aamir was there in the one and only Bollywood theme park . and according to him, this theme park was wonderful to have worked with. What attracted the Ghajini actor was that every was was focused on achieving their target. The schedule was also finished on time. Overall it was an extraordinary experience for him.Within the Rustic Ravine zone, at Bollywood Park Dubai all the guests will get to join Bhuvan in a cricket team which is held against the British Raj via a ride based on the roller coaster motion.

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