Mohenjo Daro (2016) Review & Rating

Bollywood’s latest venture Mohenjo Daro finally got released on August 12, 2016, starring Hrithik Roshan and debutante Pooja Hegde. An Ashutosh Gowariker film ( of Lagaan and Jodha Akbar fame) the movie got encircled with rumors of false presentation and depiction from all over in the past. The day it released its teaser, few aspiring historians charge false representation over the film-maker through Twitter. Soon, it got hushed down, and trailer got revealed. Not receiving much hype and appreciation, Mohenjo Daro hit theaters on August 12 in more than 2,200 screens worldwide. The respective movie is clashing with Akshay Kumar’s Rustom, so audiences may get divided into two sections for both the releases. Let’s take a look at Mohenjo Daro review and rating.


Mohenjo Daro (2016) Star Cast:

  • Hrithik Roshan as Sarman
  • Pooja Hegde as Chaani
  • Kabir Bedi as Maham
  • Arunoday Singh as Moonja
  • Suhasini Mulay as Laashi
  • Sharad Kelkar as Surjan
  • Nitish Bharadwaj as Durjan

Mohenjo Daro (2016) Plot/Story Line:

The Hindi language movie is a period film set in a story belonging to 2016 B.C.and based on archaeological site Mohenjo Daro (now in Pakistan). The epic adventure romance movie happens to be world’s first cinematic representation giving reference of ancient famous Indus Valley Civilization. The storyline revolves around a farmer named Sarman (Hrithik Roshan) who visits the city Mohenjo Daro and falls in love with high-status woman Chaani (Pooja Hegde). After series of events, he challenged to fight with great odds for breaking rules of the elite class and win over it to get his lady love hands. Though the story line Mohenjo Daro (2016) is simple like other love stories but its depiction makes it more watchable.

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Mohenjo Daro (2016) Review Acting:

The movie possesses a strong star cast starring Hrithik Roshan, Kabir Bedi, Sharad Kelkar and debutante Pooja Hegde in the lead roles. Kabir Bedi is just outstanding as always. His voice texture gives you a shiver in the spine, and opposite standing is Hrithik who has come back after two years on the silver screen. The actor has given a stupendous performance, and his high throw of dialogues have reminded us of scintillating Akbar from epic blockbuster Jodha Akbar. Be it in a role of a King or peasant, Roshan can give some serious goal issues to his contemporaries. Nevertheless, Pooja Hegde has done a remarkable job as a debutante and does not seem like a debuting star as she has delivered the dialogues smoothly and that too with much confidence. Our team gives Acting 3.5 star out of 5 for Mohenjo Daro.

Mohenjo Daro (2016) Review Direction & Music:

Ashutosh Gowariker has given us some of the biggest blockbusters to the nation and even taken Bollywood to the Academy Awards (for Lagaan in 1999). This particular movie comes as a good example of epic packed with real-time adventure romance. Though there are some places where one might come across few flaws but acting, screenplay, state-of-the-art location, and background score overshadow everything. Music has been tuned by the one and only A.R. Rahman. His melodious songs fill the air according to the sequence thus bounding you to live the movie. Thus, Mohenjo Daro Music & Direction receives 3 out of 5 stars.

Mohenjo Daro (2016) Review: Wow Factor or Boo Factor

Ashutosh Gowariker’s latest project comes with pros and cons both. The movie received a positive verdict from Trade Pundits but left a negative impression on audiences. Most of the audiences booed over the film essaying as an over-rated high-voltage drama with the illogical depiction of that era or 2016 B.C. However, it has some good points like Music, acting, etc. but negativity could not be sidelined either. One may find some scenes comes as fillers of flaws and at the very next moment sequence appearing-out-of-nowhere. The editing is weak and should have been more consequential. Hrithik’s recently released film Mohenjo Daro has more of Boo factor rather than Wow factor.

Mohenjo Daro (2016) Movie Rating:

Critics Recommendation: 3 out of 5 star

Audience Response: 2.5 out of 5 star

Direction: 3 out of 5 star

Music/Background Score: 4 out of 5 star

Acting: 3.5 out of 5 star

Mohenjo Daro (2016) Final Verdict:

Mohenjo Daro narrates a love tale beautifully moldered and entwined in pearl in a raw thread which breaks and scatters in various places. Despite awesome locations, the screenplay fails to keep up the plot annoying one and all in the theater. The 150 minutes movie tries to give everything on a platter with romance, rebels, Rumble, and last but not the least reiterated. Mohenjo Daro gave us some high expectation which crumbled quite fast. Our team offers Mohenjo Daro (2016) 3 out of 5 stars.

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