Making History Season 1 to Take a Course of the Past Events During British-American War

The upcoming American period comedy-drama television series Making History is all set to rule the screens from 2017 with its witty humour subsequently changing the course of the history when Britishers ruled on Americans during 1775. The story of Making History Season 1 is all about the beginning of American Revolutionary War and how it could be halted so that millions of lives are saved. The support of time-machine, actually a duffle bag, helps protagonist travel back and forth with time so as to increase knowledge of past henceforth changing the course of the twisted and full-of-conflict past.


Still from Making History Season 1 first few episodes.

Created by Julius Sharpe, the respective TV series is being Produced by Christopher Miller, Phil Lord and Julius. It possesses a star cast of Adam Pally as Dan (a nerdy computer science professor in 1775), Leighton Meester as Deborah Revere (eldest daughter of Paul Revere), Yassir Lester as Chris (a modern day History Professor in 2016), John Gemberling as John Hancock, Neil Casey as Sam Adams, among others. Shot with single-camera, the 30 minutes series will comprise of 9 episodes where the entire story would be revealed part-wise.

As per the synopsis of Making History 1st season, the storyline revolves around a computer science professor in 1775 where he builds a time-machine which is nothing but a duffle bag. Seen as his favourite time pass, travelling through time is often during weekends. One fine day, he confronts two British soldiers along with his girlfriend who’s amazed to see that none of the people was aware of the upcoming War. Travelling to modern day in 2016 where he meets History Professor eventually seeking his help to change the course of history as well as the war between Great Britain and the Americans.

Produced under the banner of Broken Good Productions, Lord Miller Productions and 20th Century Fox Television, Making History Season 1 episode 1 titled as “Pilot” is slated to hit screens from January 2017 on FOX.

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