Let’s Dance: Aditi Rao Hydari celebrates her womanhood Watch The Video

The ‘Wazir’ actress is shot for a video where she is seen to make certain moves celebrating her womanhood. Aditi Rao Hydari has given a message to everybody in the International Women’s Day. In the video uploaded by BLUSH, the actress moves her lissome body that interprets her thoughts and voice celebrating the womanhood.

Let's Dance Aditi Rao Hydari

“I feel women should live the way they want to… To be who you are and not be burdened by any pressure of who you are expected to be”, Aditi said to PTI in a telephonic interview. When she was told that this video should perhaps rotate on her past, her reaction was somewhat like, “Why past? Why not the present? We’re so hung up on the past, and sure my past and relationships have shaped me, but isn’t it all about today and how I live now?”

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She goes on to say that we women tend to dwell too much on our past, mistakes, and heart breaks. And in this process, we end up losing the present and celebrating it. Well, in that Aditi is correct in this and her views of living the present are truly appreciable.

Akanksha Seda’s directorial, “Let’s Dance” by Culture Machine that has released today to mark the International Women’s Day, features Aditi Hydari who is performing western dance forms like contemporary and freestyle and in the background while talking about what being a woman means to her.

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