Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya to Leave Abhi and find a new lover!

A story that has gone through every twist and turns to prove nothing is more powerful as love. Pragya’s love for her husband Abhi, the Rockstar is unbreakable and unchangeable. While Pragya has gone through every test of love now is helpless to see her love has forgotten everything about her and their marriage!


Pragya is very depressed after Abhi’s memory loss. But at the same time, the wife cannot leave the husband and finds a job in the recording studio where she keeps an eye o Abhi at the same time and can listen to his melodious sound. But her life becoming very critical with each passing day as Abhi has also forgotten about his sister Alia’s betrayal too.

When life is just cannot be more complicated, it is ‘Dadi’ who comes to rescue Pragya from her plight. Dadi realises it is not possible for Abhi to get well soon and his memory is ruining Pragya’s life. Thus she being a true solace for Pragya she tells her to move on with life, forget Abhi and find new love.

The dadi is actually Abhi’s  grandmother and for her to make such a comment is quite a bold attempt for her granddaughter-in-law. Indian Tv series are cliché but with the time’s change even that is changing. Now mother-in-laws are not atrocious or torturing. Even they are on the side of their daughters-in-law at times of need or emergency.

Kumkum Bhagya is a well known daily soap that comes on Zee tv that comes at 9 pm slot, and the main lead of the program Srithi Jha and Shabbir Ahluwalia are very famous for being one of the most talked about couple, of the television.

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