Kangana – Adhyayan Controversy : Aditya Pancholi’s Wife and Daughter Walks Out of House

We have all heard the tiff between Kangana Ranaut and her ex-bae Adhyayan Suman, which is getting worse day by day. It all started when Kangana commented on her ex-boyfriend Hrithik Roshan. On a sour note he reverted and it got uglier by tweeter. Now, when Adhyayan jumped in between then it became a war zone Kangana-Adhyayan-Hrithik kept on accusing each some way or the other. None the less it got more air when ‘Queen’ star got support of her third and former beau Aditya Pancholi came into lime light.


The controversy went bitter when Aditya said, “(pointing to Adhyayan) Who is He?” This was not it, he continued muttering about the actress and going against Adhyayan, better known as Shekhar Suman’s Son. All this jitty zat has given a negative impact on Aditya happy family. His wife Zarine Wahab and their daughter has decided to step out of the door. Currently they are residing in Hyderabad away from paparazzi and will only return back after all the “matter” settles down.

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Father of actor Sooraj Pancholi , who got recently launched with ‘Hero’, supposedly turned up the controversy supporting the actress when things were turning against her. Well, the matter has reached the court and now they will decide who is correct or say politically and legally correct.

What so ever the case may be inside the court, turmoil created in B-Town in context of Kangana-Adhyayan controversy seems long way to go.

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