Iulia Vantur Does Not want to Marry Salman Khan! Find Out the Reason Here

When it comes to the superstar Salman Khan, it is quite evident that any news relating to his professional or personal life would have the spotlight thrown upon by the media. Salman Khan‘s hook ups are usually dealt with a lot of controversy and speculations, and news about his new girlfriend Iulia Vantur captured the attention of the media with the verdicts that they are both planning to tie the knot. Even though this news came as a shock for all the die-hard Salman Khan fans, it was a fact that we were happy with the news. However, with the latest news pouring in the Romanian actress Iulia Vantur recently revealed to the media that she had no plans of marrying Salman Khan. Apparently, this news came as a shock to all, but the reason explained by the Romanian beauty gives us a clear idea as to what went wrong between the couple.


Iulia Vantur is Not Marrying Salman Khan

With the evident cultural differences between the two, Iulia Vantur when asked about her current relationship with the superstar Salman Khan decides to give no comments regarding it what so ever. However, she did speak her heart out to a leading portal ” I have been married, and I have left my previous husband in the past. But when I was in India, neither did I marry, nor did I part ways with anyone. God forbid!“. This being not the only reason, she further brings out “I started to sing in Hindi, and took singing lessons. I worked hard for many years and it bothers me that only my private life has been discussed. The last time I stayed in India for five six months, it indicated a lot of things that I do not want to address. But the Indian mentality is really different, the culture, the people. Everything is different. You do not have as much privacy, because you stay with many people in one house. I also did not realise that I had to dress a certain way on the streets. Now, I understand that my clothing was too low cut,“ . Iulia Vantur was spotted by the media in several family gathering of Salman Khan along with the fact that she was residing at the actor’s house Galaxy apartments along with his parents. Therefore, the main focus of the cultural difference did sound a bit unfathomable.

The fact that Iulia Vantur has opened up about her decision of not marrying Salman Khan, the media is going into a whirlpool of speculations. Maybe the couple decided to call it quits and the actress manages comes up with a justified reason to her decision. We do hope that we see the couple together in the future.

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