International TV series ‘Quantico’ Renewed for The 2nd Season

Quantico 2nd Season: The ‘desi girl’ cannot make India more proud of her due to the career graph that is pushing her upwards. She is a B-town girl although has laid impact in the audience across the world. Her international TV show ‘Quantico’ is up for its second season. The Indian actress has traversed the world and attained a round of applause for her singing and acting. At 33 she still retains to be called one of the most sexiest women in Asia.


Bollywood diva PeeCee has mesmerised her fans all over the globe specially in the west by his American TV series ‘Quantico’ which has ben renewed for its next season. Priyanka Chopra has gathered a lot of praise and acclamation for the ABC action thriller series ‘Quantico’ where in season one she played the role of Alex Parrish having a vague past and will be again on air on and from March 12.

Priyanka’s ambition has become her passion and thus she is now and international star. Now here we can see what she has to say about her life and dreams. “My life is pretty much same as everyone else’s, in the sense that I have dreams and ambitions and work very hard to achieve them”, Priyanka said in an interview. She added that she is just like another human being who dreams, deals with a lot of things in life, invests time in relationships and so on. PeeCee is just like that, and she will be grateful to Bollywood which has been generous to her and also shaped her in many ways that have led her to where she is today!

Her honesty, dedication, aspirations and hard work have brought her this global recognition and laid the step to the fulfilment of her dreams.

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