IIFA 2016: Freida Pinto Comments on Salman Khan’s ‘Rape Remark’

Salman Khan has been subjected to several trolls and outrage over his rape remark. Last week, the Indian celebrity sparked an uproar by saying his heavy training schedule for an upcoming film left him feeling “like a raped woman.” At the IIFA (International Indian Film Academy) 2016 held in Madrid, International star Freida Pinto was asked about Salman’s insensitive statement, the actress said one must be responsible for what one says.

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“I took offense to Salman’s comments as well. I feel that there is some sense of responsibility that needs to come with it. And it’s important at that point of time for whoever that person is to feel responsible enough to either clarify and apologize or stand the ground if they did something right,” Freida said.

On being asked if she thinks the issue is being blown out of proportion, the star said that it’s important to take the context into account. She further added, “Sometimes, I feel and this is not just about this particular comment, but some people might say something which is not wrong. But we need to understand that we do come from a bit of a sensitive culture where it does irk us and it gets blown out of proportion. But it’s not the same with Salman’s comment.”

When told that Salman had immediately retracted that statement, the actress immediately slammed the media for the highlight on the one statement. Making mistakes are a human tendency, and anyone can say the wrong thing at the wrong time. “I wouldn’t say something like this (Salman) ever, though. I might say something which may get misinterpreted,” she said.

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Freida also urged the media to highlight when someone apologise for their mistake and concentrate on bigger issues that plague the Indian society. So instead of just focusing on what one person said, we should focus on the issues at hand. Is rape not happening in our country? Let’s focus on the fact that why has the mentality where women aren’t valued has not changed? Let that be a conversation starter for something much bigger that’s happening in India today,” she concludes.

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