Hritik Leaked the Old Party Pics with Arjun’s Permission?

A lot has been spoken on the divorce of Hrithik Roshan and Sussane Khan break up. The mostly accused person has probably been Arjun Rampal for the total thing. At a certain point in time, it seemed that being a mutual and a close friend of Hrithik and Sussane was one of the biggest mistakes of Arjun’s life. This naturally leads to cold fights between the two hunks. But, as we all say, that when it comes to taking revenge, we can forget the old fights with our friends, especially if he is the enemy of our enemy. The similar thing happened between Arjun and Hrithik. It is being heard that Hrithik, for seeking revenge took Arjun Rampal’s permission to leak their old party pictures.


Well! Doesn’t that sound strange? But according to one of their close friends, this is a fact. We all know that before Hrithik and Sussane’s divorce, Sussane was heard saying that she gets to spend “me time” with Arjun. That triggered more of the mudslinging between Arjun and Hrithik. So hearing this that he sought Arjun’s permission before leaking the picture is much strange.

Now as far as mudslinging is concerned, Kangana and Hrithik has probably been into the worst kind of it. For quite a long time they have been throwing cases and allegations at each other. It seems that Hrithik is seriously going through a tough time in his personal life. After separation with his childhood crush, he came across new friend Kangana. The probable love story of Hrithik and Kangana had been going all around the B-Town and had been the gossip of the same. The situation turned out to be so poor that ultimately even Hrithik’s father Rakesh Roshan had to interfere and ask Hrithik to stay at home to avoid media. After so much of cases and allegations, what turned it into worse are the leaked pictures of their old private party where not only Hrithik and Kangana but also Sussane and Arjun were present.


So now it seems that all the chapters of Hrithik’s life story are linked to the same string, the head of which starts right at the divorce. Some of the party pictures are really fishy and it quite naturally raises the question that “what exactly happened between all four of them and who is the real mastermind of all these?”

Well!! Right now what we all can do is just to raise our eyebrows and the rest is yet to be revealed.

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