Homosexuality in Aligarh: does the subject still need to remain closeted?

The real life incident that the movie Aligarh portrayed is given the A certificate by the censor board as according to the chief of censor board Pahlaj Nilahani; homosexuality is not a subject that a teenager or children can watch.

“The certification we have given to the trailer is according to the content. If the makers feel it is not justified, then let them take a public opinion on this. Tell me, is the subject of homosexuality for kids? For teenagers? We have already cleared the film, and now they are creating a controversy. This is a cheap publicity stunt by him (Mehta),” Nihalani told the TOI.

Alogarh Movie

Irony lies in the fact that when any adult scene should not be watched by children or teens in Indian theatre, why is the Censor Board declaring the subject of “homosexuality” to be the sole reason for it’s “A” certification even though it does not have any adult scene that may hamper the culture of Indian society! If a teen can go through the process of reception and perception about how he or she has come to the world with the unification of the parent bodies and conceived in the mother’s womb, why cannot the subject of homosexuality be treated the same way when homosexuality is as normal as heterosexuality by all scientific and psychological means!

A film that is based on a true story and after so many activisms and debates regarding the supreme court’s 377 act, it feels quite discouraging to think that Indian audience is not ready to take such things as the time to come out of the closet has not come! Providing the A certificate to a film is marginalising it in advance. The paradox lies in the fact that India happened to be an open sex country from which the “Kamasutra” comes in. The culture that is boasted of as “our culture and heritage” is a British Culture and that to backdated, when we got colonised under them before our independence.

It is thus better to watch the trailer and decide yourself whether you will be the one to get repulsed by the very thought of homosexuality or you will rethink the same with an open mind of celebrating any form of love irrespective of sexuality and gender as love is universal!

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