Farhan is set for his ‘Rock On 2’: A Completely New story

Farhan Akhtar is tightening up his belts for the release of his musical drama ‘Rock On 2’ which is a completely new story without any carry forwarded part of 2008 Rock on, although characters are same. “It’s completely a new story, but of course, the characters remain the same.” The star is his forties also added that there was a history and going back & forth in the story of ‘Rock on’, 2008. However, there is nothing such in his upcoming ‘Rock On2’. The new addition to the characters is none other than the girl of the decade Shraddha Kapoor. Apart from her, the Shujaat Saudagar film stars Arjun Rampal, Prachi Desai and Purab Kohli.

Farhan Akhter on rock on 2

Farhan also shares that he has been writing the lyrics of the songs in the movies sometime now and as soon as he completes filming the movie he will focus on them entirely. The multitalented star Farhan might also release his album and a collection of his songs of the separate single. “I am writing lyrics, not for any film but myself. When I finish ‘Rock On 2’, I will take two-three months off and complete my songs. I don’t know if it will be an album, you don’t need to release an album these days… It can be a single or three-four songs.”

However, the performer also praises the trend of singles which happened to be a big hit during the 90s”: “Indie music is getting rejuvenated now, and it is a great thing because there are many bands, who are not interested in doing film music.”

Rock On of 2008 was well appreciated and became quite popular as it had framed the music band culture this is quite in vogue especially among the youngsters. So, let’s anticipate one more masterpiece with Farhan’s lyrics and music in a new shape of a story!

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