Fan Kills Another In A Clash of ‘Jr. NTR V/S Pawan Kalyan’

Being head over heels in love is fine sometimes, but when it leads to extreme notions, then it not even becomes disturbing but also raises alarm in some situations. a similar case happened in Kolar, Bengaluru when a fan of Jr. NTR stabbed another fan of Pawan Kalyan in a mere fight.



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The incident took place during Organ Donation Camp in Kolar when a normal fight led to so much anger that one stabbed a knife in the stomach of another leading him to death. Spectators tried their level best to save the Man but failed to as he was bleeding profusely, from the very moment. The gruesome grieving incident led to bloody notion when Jr. NTR fan came to know that 24-year-old Vinod Kumar (victim) was also a member of Pawan Kalyan’s political party. Apparently, there isn’t any proof that the accused Akshay happens to be the member of any political party or not, especially of NTR’s party.

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If we take a glimpse at the root of the entire development, then the fight occurred when few people started shouting slogans in praise of Pawan’s name. This fumed fans of Jr. NTR which led to mouthed violence. After calming the crowd at organ donation event, two people never stopped quarrelling leading to abusive languages. Akshay got so furious that he stabbed Vinod Kumar with a knife, which led to death.

Both the actors have considered as the superstar of Telugu and Kannada Film Industry, respectively apart from being many influential personalities. Jr. NTR happens to be the grandson of Late N T Rama Rao, ex-Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh wherein Pawan Kalyan is a cousin brother of megastar Chiranjeevi.

Currently, Pawan visited the mourning family of Vinod Kumar who got killed in the rage thus promising to give all support to the family, financially as well as social. Vinod’s weeping Mother pleaded Pawan to send the accused behind the bars and the star wholeheartedly accepted her grievance┬áthus nodding in assurance to punish the Akshay, in every plausible way.

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