Eyewitness Season 2: All Set For Renewal As It Gets Official Nod

The American television series Eyewitness garnered the satisfactory amount of viewership thus receiving accolades from the critic’s side as well as the audience’s part. It made a lot of fan following due to its different storyline and acting performance delivered by the stars. The character indulgence is what makes the series apart from other ongoing series and with the end of the first season, people are eagerly waiting for Eyewitness Season 2.


On of its production units recently made an announcement regarding the release dates which was declared to be January 2017 but the same confirmed from the makers they denied and hushed it down as a typical rumour. In fact, following the rumour, they even uttered that Eyewitness Season 2 has been cancelled or development in the context of the same is nowhere near. Deprived as an anthology series, there are still high chances that, if may not January, then season 2 of Eyewitness may premiere anytime in mid of 2017.

Often related to series like American Horror Story or American Crime, Eyewitness has been receiving accolades due to its intriguing thrilling plots. Revolving around the relationship between two innocent teenage boys who often secretly meet up in the forest when they both accidentally witness a shooting subsequently narrow escaping their lives. The story develops in the course of the revelation of the shooter/murderer, victim, and eyewitness.

The audiences adored the concept of queer community where they end up in being the sole eyewitness when having a special time. Despite having a viewership of 0.64 million, the critics mega gave a rating of 52 out of 100 based on 23 reviews from the audiences and 9 from the critics’ side. Rotten Tomatoes gave a rating of 64% based on 12 reviews with an approval of 20%. Rest of the critical platform agreed with the mega ventures and gave an almost similar response.

Eyewitness season 2 gearing up for renewal would be a great announcement for fans as they long to watch it again with a novel plot in USA Networks.








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