Eros Now Teams Up With Micromax To Give Unlimited Entertainment

The rapidly growing electronic sector has come up with a varied new idea to team up with the highest grossing revenue sector entertainment industry. So, the merger of Eros Now and Micromax is a next big step for the consumers who own a company’s handset. Although the offer will be for those, who tend to buy new smartphones.

eros now

The announcement of the strategic partnership between the two conglomerate will help enhance entertainment sector a niche higher. It would also take a step ahead in comparison to other sections adjoined to both the industries. Also, the partnership happened in nuke just because of high-speed, reliable internet connections. The network providers will help in accompanying such services only to give more entertainment to its viewers as well as consumers.

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The electronic revolution has assisted in coming up with such plans. The handsets or smartphones available in the main stores will join hands with the world of entertainment so as to give endless leisure spaces. The next set of Micromax handset will have inbuilt Eros Now app through which extensive entertainment would be showcased. For example, Bollywood films, music, originals and regional content would be added to it.

At present, Micromax is taking appropriate measures to distribute its handsets in over 1,50,000 outlets offline as well as on-line. Consumers could avail endless way to entertain themselves through any device from anywhere, anytime.

The subscription package will start from Rs. 49 to Rs. 99 on a monthly basis. Users will have access to unique content on Eros Now, with subscriptions offering a range of exciting features, such as full-length movies, viewing full content offline, individual music tracks, thematically curated playlists, watch-lists, regional language filters, video progression and subtitles to offer the best video viewing experience to users.

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