Death Note: Remake of Japanese Manga is What the World Awaits

One of the most popular and highly speculated Japanese horror-based manga series Death Note is all set for its Hollywood remake and this is what the world certainly awaits. Releasing with the same name, the manga comprised of 102 chapters which also got produced in anime (tv series) in Japan and undoubtedly gained equal popularity in the year 2007. So, almost after a decade, North American firm Viz Media/Viz Production has settled on to produce Death Note which will be hitting the silver screen in 2017.


Revolving around the life of a young bright college student who all of a sudden discovers a book named Death Note which is cursed. The possessor can kill anybody in the entire world just writing the name or putting his picture in the pages of the notebook. Startled by the discovery, he decides to eliminate all the criminals dwelling across the globe. Soon, he is tracked down by a detective, sent by Interpol henceforth razing down the reign of terror.

Death Note boast of a star cast of Nat Wolff, Margaret Qualley, Keith Stanfield among others. The narrates about the life of Light Turner, the protagonist character essayed by Nat who will be chased by L essayed by Keith. The Hollywood film with the support of Netflix Original Movies is being Produced by Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Jason Hoffs and Masi Oka thus joining hands with Director Adam Wingard under the banner of Witten Pictures, Lin Pictures, Viz Productions and Vertigo Entertainment.

Thus, based on Japanese manga series Death Note, the Hollywood flick is most likely to hit the screen in mid of 2017.


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