Crazyhead Season 2: Is Netflix Ready For the Renewal?

Netflix is known for its quite popular television series as it believes in introducing out-of-the-box story-based series where audiences are bound to get attracted from the very first episode. It is equally famous for renewing old (some age-old too) television series such as Stranger Things, Master of None, etc thus having new stories sidelined to be aired on the website. Mainly concerned with series belonging to Netflix Originals, the special ones which are all set to join the bandwagon is Crazyhead with its season 2 in hands.


The first season of Crazyhead comprised 6 episodes with most of the sections garnering lot of attention from the critics as well as audience side. The pilot gathered as much as 0.20 million viewership with the rest of the series garnering the equalling amount of attention thus closing at near about .67 million audience responses. Though quite low as compared to other Netflix series, Crazyhead lacked behind majorly due to the performances by the star cast.

Audiences just came out watching Netflix Original ‘The Crown’ whose plotline revolved around the life-history of Queen Elizabeth reigning on the British Empire. It managed to garner almost a billion viewership thus giving a constant push to the makers to come with the second part. Well, with Crazyhead there might be a possibility that Netflix may announce regarding the renewal of Crazyhead Season 2.

Depending on the plotline of horror-comedy, the British television series aired for the first time on 19th October 2016 thus putting to an end on November 23, 2016. Written by Howard Overman, Crazyhead tells a tale about two strong headed girls who moves ahead in life by simultaneously killing gruesome demons.

As for now, Crazyhead Season 2 is waiting for its renewal proposal by Netflix.

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