Ayan’s struggle with the indomitable cancer came out to be victorious!

The Indian Express says: “A book about the struggle and hardship of Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi with his son Ayan’s cancer treatment will be out by April 2016.”

Emran Hashmi’s four years old son Ayan had a malignant tumour in his kidney. This news was not only heartbreaking and was quite difficult to cope up with for his parents and grandparents. Despite bearing a heavy heart, Emran did not stop being dedicated towards his work. He, of course, did certain rescheduling of his hours of shooting with small readjustments but did not let his heavy heart come in between him and his profession.

This fight was not only for Ayan but also for the ones who loved him dearly. After the tumour got successfully operated in the Mumbai Hospital Ayaan was taken to Canada for post-surgical treatment as was revealed by Mahesh Bhatt.


It was not an easy journey for a parent specially when he belongs to a busy glamour world where if the step is missed, you will be standing nowhere since one has a lot of people standing behind breathing on your shoulder awaiting you to slip off to grab the opportunity. Hence maintaining his status of work along with his son’s treatment was not simple at all.

We all know there resides an artist within Emran which gave eventually a rise to an author writing about the ugly ride that at length has brought in success when Ayaan has come out triumphant in the battle! So, let’s wish him all the best for the upcoming life of Emran and his family ahead.

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