Arijit Singh Gets Furious on ‘Wajah Tum Ho’ Music Composer for Betraying Him

The popular award winning playback singer Arijit Singh seems to be all fired up due to the ‘Wajah Tum Ho’ music composer Abhijit Singh. It seems that Abhijit has surpassed all the limitations by over tuning Arijit’s song  ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’ for the film Wajah Tum Hi Ho. Arijit could not hold his frustration, as he went ahead to rant about the music composer on a social networking site. The 29-year-old playback singer took to his social media account by stating


Arijit Singh gets furious on music composer

The 29-year-old playback singer took to his social media account by stating that he doesn’t understand the use of people acting smart for no reason. According to Arijit the music composer was not required to tune his voice to such extent. Arijit also added that he is extremely ashamed of the rendition as he loves the original version. Arijit vented out his frustration by adding “Good luck with your music bro but honestly your sense of tuning and ruining the classic tune is a classic one”. “Thank you for making me hear the worst song master ever, thank you for returning my voice so much that I don’t even recognise”.

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Nevertheless, Abhijit has not yet responded to Arijit’s to whatever Arijit has mentioned on the social networking site. Arijit is known for lending his mesmerising voice to innumerable notable songs to the Bollywood films. Therefore, the incident has utterly saddened the talented playback singer.

Arijit has bagged quite a number of prestigious awards to his kitty due to his voice and is known to be one of the best playback singers of the industry.

Few of the most noteworthy songs of Arijit are ‘Kabira’, ‘Muskurane’, ‘Suno Na Sangemarmar’ and ‘Mast Magan’. However, Arijit rose to fame right after participating in the reality singing show ‘Fame Gurukul where he was one of the best contestants among the whole lot.

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