American Gods Revolves Around Criminal Confronting Mystical World & Mythological People

The all new American television series American Gods all set to hit screens from 2017 revolves around a life-story of criminal named Shadow Moon who is serving imprisonment from past 3 years. Soon before his release from the sentence, he gets an early eviction as come across an ugly truth of his wife’s demise in an accident. As he head towards the funeral, meeting with a stranger changes his life in a topsy-turvy manner. The entire plot line lies on the way Shadow learns to lead his life eventually being a loner now.


Based on fantasy mystery, American Gods majorly focuses on people dwelling on earth along with Mythical creatures and gods living their livelihood normally as humans among the public. In fact, the stranger who meets Shadow during a journey is named as MrWednesday and he is none other than God Odin of Norse Mythology. He is mainly travelling across the United States so as to gather all the other Gods who have now involved themselves into normal human beings.

The sole reason to gather rest of the Gods is to sideline human-build new gods such as technology, media, resource, and so on. Furthermore, Shadow, who is now a loner, ends up confronting new as well as old gods thus being in the midst of a silent war between them. Essaying the protagonist character Shadow, it is essayed by Ricky Whittle wherein Mr Wednesday role is played by Ian McShane. Rest of the cast has been positioned as per the scheduled episodes.

The pilot episode titled as ‘The Bone Orchard’, American Gods Season 1 will air in early 2017 as it has already drawn million of attention with its trailer. Carrying 10 episodes in total, Bryan Fuller‘s latest series have been appreciated by many and is rising day-by-day. Popularity risen by 192 points already, American Gods will premiere on Starz.


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