Akki in Naval Officer’s Uniform: Rustom’s Second Poster is Revealed

Akshay Kumar is again teamed with Shital Bhatia and Neeraj Pandey for their upcoming movie Rustom after “Baby” and “Special 26”. The second poster of Rustom is revealed where Akshay’s outfit is that of a naval officer. The thin moustache of Akki renders an outstanding persona to his character. After the splendid work of Akshay in his recent movie Airlift, he will be again seen in the romantic thriller Rustom. The first poster was released a few days back, and now you get to see the dignity of Akshay’s character in his forthcoming movie Rustom, for which he is quite busy these days in the shooting.

Akshay is the only man in the industry doing diverse roles in different movies and come out with more than one release in a year! Akki’s dedication to his woks and extraordinary acting is quite visible in the movies. With all his smartness, regarding looks and appearance, Akshay’s Rustom has come up with a new storyline in its 2nd poster with Akki and his lady love in the background.


Just like Akshay’s recent superhit movie Airlift, Rustom is also based on a true story probably on Nanavati’s case that aroused a storm throughout the world and is referred to as a crime passion. Find out what Akshay has to have while tweeting with his second poster release:

“3 shots that shocked the nation and changed his life! Find out what happened with #Rustom this August 12, 2016.”

The three bullet shots on the title of the movie in the poster must have some certain impact which we will be getting to see the release of the film on August 12, 2016. Till then hold your breath for the action hero again to rule the movie halls!

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