Ajay Devgan Chosen As the Goodwill Ambassador for Smile Foundation

The Bollywood industry has not only an innumerable number of talented and versatile actors but also a bunch of artists who actively participate in highlighting the social causes of our society. The magnificent actor Ajay Devgan falls under the category of those actors, as he is an avid social worker and shows utmost interest in the development of our nation, especially the condition of women which still exist in our country. However, recently Ajay has been roped in for being the goodwill ambassador for an NGO named as Smile Foundation. The foundation has been working on projects related to children’s education, healthcare and women empowerment for quite some time now.


When Ajay was asked about his new endeavour he responded saying that it is very much needed for the celebrities to be a part of such endeavours. As things start forming a shape when people get together to mend it. And Smile Foundation can do it up to a point.

Ajay further added that he very well knows a woman’s perspective as he was surrounded by mostly women while growing up. And he has been understanding about this fact from the time of his mother, his wife Kajol and now his daughter Nysa. He respects a woman’s perspective and has always maintained that, as they have always been better than men. He also said that men don’t evolve but women do and a girl transforms herself into a daughter, sister, sister-in-law, mother and so on. However, a man remains the same.

Celebrities such as Shabana Azmi, Aamir Khan, Rahul Bose, Nandita Das, Deepika Padukone, Milind Soman, Dia Mirza and many more have contributed their bit to bring in some change in the society. Ajay is now gearing up for his upcoming film Shivaay which is directed as well as produced by him.

Ajay is now gearing up for his upcoming film Shivaay which is directed as well as produced by him. All his fans are eagerly waiting to release their curiosity buds with the release of the films. And are expecting to do wonders at the box office by surpassing several records. The buzz started triggering among the moviegoers with the release of its trailer as it looks absolutely breathtaking. However, Shivaay will hit the silver screens on October 28.

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