Aamir Khan’s look for Advait Chandan’s film doesn’t matches with the rumoured pictures

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is acing the Hindi film industry with his acting prowess as well as unconventional direction of movies since ages. And whenever there is a buzz regarding him in the media, his fans urge to get some more insight about the same. A few days back something similar took place as some funny pictures of Aamir Khan were leaked on the social networking sites, and it literally took the internet by storm. The pictures were rumoured as Aamir’s look from Advait Chandan‘s directorial debut titled as ‘Secret Superstar‘. The pictures eventually became the talk of the town with different assumptions and speculations.


However, it has been disclosed now that those pictures were for a Bollywood theme park situated in Dubai, and it has got no connection with Advait’s directorial debut.

According to a recent report by Hindustan Times, the actual look of Aamir in the film has finally been revealed. The filmmakers of the movie confirmed that Aamir would have a cameo role in the movie. However, he will be shooting for 15 days to master his cameo portrayal.

As soon as the revelation was made there was an immediate buzz among everyone, as Aamir is given a quite different look.

Advait bonds with Aamir really well and have helped him out with his work for five years. The 51-year-old actor was so impressed when Advait narrated the script of the film to him that he took a decision of producing the film under the banner of his production house Aamir Khan Productions.

With such revelations, the viewers are already very excited and are eagerly waiting to get more insights about the movie.

Aamir is known for his well being in the industry. One of the recent examples is that he has decided to hire two students as his interns every year to whom he will teach direction and give an insight about how he works.

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