‘A Death in the Gunj’: Konkona Sensharma’s Directorial Debut

Konkona, as her mother, is known for her unconventional choice of characters she plays in a movie and her natural acting. Aparna Sen has engraved her name in Indian cinema both as an actor and director, especially in Bengali movies. Konkona chooses the offbeat rather not the mainstream movies. She is more into revealing the realistic aspects of the roles she played. She is simple, not too beauty conscious actor, whose aim is mainly to draw attention to her acting skills and not by beauty or glamour. Well, that is a small introduction to the genuine actress Konkona Sen Sharma.

A Death in The Gunj

Now she is moving forward with her dreams of directing a film just like Aparna Sen who tweeted: “Coco’s first directorial venture being announced this afternoon. Gulzar Saab & Vishal Bhardwaj to be present. Mamma is bursting with pride!”

‘A Death in the Gunj’ is a story that revolves around the lead character, Shutu and his conflicted ideas on masculinity. He finds himself trapped between the thin lines of what is accepted questioning his space in the world! Therefore it is understood that the films deal with quite an extraordinary yet a realistic subject, though not conventionally the lead role is accepting what has been predecided by the society without questioning.

“Actress Konkona Sen Sharma has wrapped up the shooting of her directorial debut A Death in the Gunj, which was being shot in McCluskiegunj, a town in Jharkhand.” –The Statesman. “Just wrapped the shoot of our film A Death in the Gunj in McCluskiegunj,” Konkona Sen Sharma tweeted.

The casual yet smart ‘Wake Up Sid’ actress shared a picture wearing black T-shirt, jeans, boots and black aviators that complete her natural beauty. So keep your fingers crossed and await the eccentric release!

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