The 100 Season 4: Group Struggles To Save Their People and Seek Vengeance

One of the highly anticipated apocalyptic based television series The 100 is all set to make a comeback with its 4th season in The CW hence possessing all the same star cast as before. The third season came to an end in May 2016 with lots of appreciation gathered hence attracting near about 1.3 million viewers each episode. The following series is back with a bang dealing with a similar kind of storyline where the team will continue to fight for justice along with saving their teammates and people, mainly survivors, and seek vengeance from the evil. The 100 Season 4 will bring what new elements will be discussed below.


Stills from the trailer of The 100 Season 4.

As the trailer hit screens all over the globe yesterday, it majorly had all the lone survivors returning to Earth, which had been destroyed due to nuclear blast ending up in killing each and every living soul in the world. The fatal Black Rains which occurred after the exposure of gas from nuclear power plant kept few humans under wrapped protection. The series showcased how the team kept on trying to save rest of survivors, if any, or keep safe to left humans which were mere 100 in numbers.

Watch the official trailer of The 100 Season 4 here

The upcoming Season 4 of The 100 would include more disastrous elements in the forthcoming episodes where the continuation of Black Rains would cause more deaths and of course unlikely elements forming chain reactions. One of the team members quotes as death is inevitable as they discover an ocean of bodies wrapped in cloth and ropes in a devastating form. The 100 dwelling in another planet is sent to earth to take a look at the condition after the post-apocalyptic stage where they confront pain in a gruesome manner.

In fact, the trailer of The 100 season 4 showcased a group who are battling with a troop of enemies along with saving themselves from radiation caused by nuclear gas exposure. The team saves their people along with killing humans with a feeling of vengeance as well as justice henceforth restoring humanity at all circumstances.

Season 4 of The 100 titled as ‘From ashes, they will rise’ will air from February 1, 2017, every Wednesday on The CW.

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